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James helped me achieve the CFO role of a horticulture and farming business, and my income has gone up at $30K in the process.


When I first met James I was in a regional CFO position and had been for the last 10 years. I could see that there were limited opportunities for advancement internally so sought James’s help to both improve my situation and seek a more stimulating opportunity.

With James’s help I’m now the CFO of an early stage tech business that’s doing exciting things. The role is far more interesting and the potential upside is huge.


James helped me achieve the role as Finance Director of the Asia Pacific region of the company I work with. The role is great and so is the $20K salary increase.


When I reached out to James it was not long after taking a redundancy. We formulated a clear strategy to secure a CFO role in a larger company than I was with previously.

It took only two months to secure the new role so my redundancy was in front by almost 6 months salary


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