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Lift the capability of your finance team and transform their leadership skills and commercial acumen with our exclusive group programs.

Our program is for teams who are experiencing any of the following:


Operating in isolation


Lack of team cohesion or overall underperformance


Transactional – as opposed to strategic


Poor reputation within the business

Our corporate program will help your team to:

We’ll show your team how to operate as trusted partners of the business and leadership team; adding value at every touchpoint.

Productivity and efficiency will increase as we empower your team to trust each other and work cohesively together.

We’ll help your team transform their reputation with a range of different tools and insights.

We’ll give your team the tools they need to go beyond the day-to-day transactional requirements of the business so they’re able to add strategic value.

Our programs include:

Team Analysis

All of our programs are customised to your organisation’s individual challenges. In this phase we do an in-depth consultation with you and your HR function, as well as establish foundations with your team through our tailored communications and pre-reading.

360 Degree Leadership Assessment

In this phase, we’ll capture your aspirations for your team (and the business), as well as complete a full 360-degree leadership assessment and provide you with insightful results.

Tailored Workshops

Based on the results of our analysis and consultation with you, we’ll deliver a tailored mix of face-to-face and virtual workshops that cover a range of topics, including: Innovation, Influencing Without Authority, Inspirational Leadership, Empowering People, and many more.

Executive Coaching

We also offer numerous executive coaching options as well as other support mechanisms to ensure you can effectively embed the changes we make.


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